TFC Policies and Agreement

Refund Policy
Participants that would like to request a refund for any reason have until:
June 30, 2017 to request a full refund.
July 21, 2017 to half refund.
After July 22, 2017 no refunds will be granted.
TFC reserves the right to issues refunds up to 3 weeks after request.
All registration is Non Transferable.

Standard Tournament Rules
Some tournament games will be played on Xbox 360, Xbox One, while others will be played on PlayStation 3/4, SuperGun, Arcade, or other systems. Please refer to the tournament rules for each game for more information. Pausing during a Game at any time results in a round forfeit. A pause during a Game’s final round forfeits the Game.

There will be a 5 minute disqualification rule in effect at all times. Unless you are playing in another tournament at the same time as another, there is no reason for you to be away from your assigned pool station. You will be called once and if you are not present when called, a 5 minute timer will start. If you do not show up after those 5 minutes are up, you will forfeit the match and will be sent to the loser’s bracket. If you do not show up for your loser’s bracket match after 5 minutes of being called, you will be disqualified from the tournament. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE TO THIS RULE!

If you are playing in two tournaments at the same time (we are going to do our best to prevent this, but sometimes it happens if you enter multiple tournaments), it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to alert your pool handlers that you are in more than one tournament at that time. You must also alert your pool handler when you are leaving to play in another game.

Code of Conduct
All attendant must reframe from harassment, threatening, or discriminatory language and actions while attending event. Breaking of the rules will revoke your pass and can cause attended to be kicked of venue and ban from future events. Collusion is cheating! If you are catch conspiring to throw a match in order to split the pot or ranking. You forfeit your prize money, points and will be disqualified.

The Fall Classic (TFC) Video Waiver
I do hereby confirm the consent heretofore given you with respect to your photographing me or my child in connection with Summer Jam tournament event, and I hereby grant to you, your successor, assigns and licensees the perpetual right to use, as you may desire, all motion pictures and sound track recordings which you may make of me or my child, and the right to use my name and/or child’s name or likeness in or in connection with the exhibition or any other use of such video or recording.