Event Staff

Eric “Big E” Small
{ Founder of Big E Gaming }
Eric has been running tournaments in the Philadelphia area since his days working back at University City Pinball nearly 15 years ago. He later started the Northeast Championship (NEC). Eric also ran other tournaments like March Madness and Summer Jam but were discontinued after awhile. Eventually both tournaments were replaced with Winter Brawl and the new Summer Jam, which he runs with his partner Robert Hubbs. After NEC10, Eric started the company Big E Gaming which is the staple behind the Philadelphia area tournaments.

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Larry “Shin Blanka” Dixon
{ Founder of Final Round }
Larry started running tournaments 18 years ago in the Metro Atlanta area when he was a local arcade player because the arcade managers where too lazy to organize a tournament. From that FINAL ROUND was born as he wanted to throw an event to see who was the best in the metro Atlanta area. In the years that followed FINAL ROUND grew from a small city/regional event (South East) into the 2nd Longest and 2nd largest event in the FGC with Qualifiers around the USA (Kansas City, Tennessee, New Orleans, Georgia) and international (FINALROUNDBATS in Japan). After FR11, the company FINAL ROUND LLC was founded by Larry in which all of his events (Domestic and International) are apart of the FINAL ROUND tournament series.

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